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Biden appeals to Trump to support anti-immigrant bill: “Join me”

After months of campaigning for president on the basis that Trump represented a mortal threat to democracy, in Brownsville, Texas on Thursday, Biden pleaded with the aspiring dictator to “join” him in supporting fascistic anti-immigrant legislation that greatly expands the border police and grants the president authority to “shut down” ports of entry.

Jacob Crosse

Indian port workers refuse to handle arms shipments to Israel

The announcement is a sign of the depth of opposition among Indian workers to Israel’s massacring of tens of thousands of defenceless Palestinians with US-supplied weapons and Washington’s full-throated political support.

Yuan Darwin

Anatomy of a Fall: “Forcing the game”

The members of the affluent middle class are inevitably driven into battle against one other, along gender, racial and many other lines.

Penny Smith

Will books be burned again in Germany?

Because some Berlinale laureates and jurors had the courage to call things by their right names instead of being mouthpieces of the powers that be, they are treated like criminals.

Peter Schwarz

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Workers across Italy join “Strike for Palestine,” as police brutally attack protesting students; indefinite public sector pay strike in Lebanon as inflation rages at over 177 percent; public sector national strike in Nigeria against low wages and high prices following big demonstrations in major cities

10 years since the far-right coup in Kiev

This article, which draws the political lessons of the 2014 far-right coup in Kiev, was submitted to the WSWS by a socialist from Ukraine living abroad.

A Ukrainian socialist

Growth of US debt threatens dollar dominance

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the total US debt burden will go above 100 percent of GDP next year and reach 116 percent by 2034.

Nick Beams

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Dockworkers across Argentina were set to strike February 26 as anti-austerity protests, limited in scope and duration by the trade union bureaucracies, continue.

Richmond, Virginia history teacher removed for lesson on Gaza genocide

Behind the actions against Catharine Massalha are powerful right wing forces. After a student recorded her in December, the student’s father sent the 12-minute audio recording to the Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI), and the recording and a transcript were subsequently published by the Washington Examiner in late January. 

Clement Daly

Australian educators demand freedom of Julian Assange

A group of teachers from the northern and western working-class suburbs of Melbourne overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding the immediate and unconditional freedom of imprisoned journalist Julian Assange.

Committee for Public Education

Massive increase in anti-Muslim violence in Germany

Against the backdrop of the genocide Israel is committing in Gaza with the help of its NATO allies, violence against Muslims and Palestinians in Germany has increased dramatically in recent weeks and months.

Joshua Seubert, Clemens Huber

IYSSE holds first meeting at Otago University in New Zealand

The meeting in Dunedin last Thursday was held to establish the International Youth and Students for Social Equality as a student club at Otago, and to discuss the socialist strategy to fight against war and the genocide in Gaza.

Our reporters

Germany’s call for the bomb

Donald Trump’s announcement that he would no longer support European NATO states if he becomes president again, unless they rearm massively enough, is being used by the ruling class in Germany for an aggressive campaign in favour of its own nuclear weapons.

Johannes Stern

Nvidia and AI fuel market frenzy

Nvidia, which two years ago made most of its money from selling graphics cards for computer games, has now become the world’s third largest company by market value.

Nick Beams

Two years of the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine

The imperialist governments have not a shred of concern for “democracy” in Ukraine. In reality, they intend to bring Ukraine into their sphere of influence as part of their drive to carve up the Russian Federation, seize its natural resources, and thereby prepare for military conflict with China.

Jordan Shilton

After unions betray Quebec public sector workers’ struggle: Workers must draw the political lessons

Despite the militancy of the rank and file and immense public support, the nationalist pro-capitalist unions succeeded in running our struggle into the ground. If we are to prevail, the rank-and-file must build new organizations of struggle that fight to mobilize the social power of the working class, industrially and politically.

Quebec Public Sector Workers Rank-and-File Coordinating Committee
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