Richmond, Virginia history teacher removed for lesson on Gaza genocide

Behind the actions against Catharine Massalha are powerful right wing forces. After a student recorded her in December, the student’s father sent the 12-minute audio recording to the Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI), and the recording and a transcript were subsequently published by the Washington Examiner in late January. 

Clement Daly
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Rank-and-File Committees

Australian educators demand freedom of Julian Assange

A group of teachers from the northern and western working-class suburbs of Melbourne overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding the immediate and unconditional freedom of imprisoned journalist Julian Assange.

Committee for Public Education

After unions betray Quebec public sector workers’ struggle: Workers must draw the political lessons

Despite the militancy of the rank and file and immense public support, the nationalist pro-capitalist unions succeeded in running our struggle into the ground. If we are to prevail, the rank-and-file must build new organizations of struggle that fight to mobilize the social power of the working class, industrially and politically.

Quebec Public Sector Workers Rank-and-File Coordinating Committee
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